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shout out to all the mentally ill asian kids

  • who can’t pull up the strength to do their homework or study
  • who get low grades because of their mental illness
  • who are constantly under pressure to do well in school by their parents
  • who have parents that think depression or anxiety is just an excuse for being “lazy”
  • who have parents that tell them that they had it harder when they were young
  • who, because of the stereotype that all asians are smart, constantly doubt themselves and their abilities
  • who suffer because of the stigma around mental illness in asian cultures

your grades, your abilities, and your parent’s perception of you do not make up your worth. you’re doing your best, and i’m endlessly proud of you.

why did you have to label it on asian kids, it applies to everyone.

asian kids face extreme pressure from their families to perform well in academia. its engrained in our cultures and asian kids with mental illnesses who can’t perform to the expectations of their parents face crippling self doubt and hatred. because of the mental illness stigma in the asian community no one speaks up to support these struggling students. they need to know that they still matter and that their grades don’t define them, because no one else will tell them that in real life. so stop being an asshole, and let the asian kids have their post.

“so stop being an asshole, and let the asian kids have their post.”

and the worst part is that all our hard work gets erased by whites because “oh you don’t have to try at anything, you’re asian”


so I don’t know if someone’s already come up with this before and I just haven’t heard of it, but. I have a term I think would be useful to the otherkin/fictionkin community… 

sourcemates. Like canonmates in a way; they share a source material with you, but they are from a different timeline, perhaps. I have several friends who share a source material for one or more of our kintypes, but we’re not from the same canon. I feel that there should be a word to describe the importance of this connection, even though we’re not canonmates. 

so sourcemates, then, could apply to entire subcommunities of fictionkin, i.e., all Undertale kin would be sourcemates, and so on. Or it could be more personally related, so a friend who shares a source material you could call your sourcemate. 

so uh if you think this is a cool and useful term could you reblog this post maybe so others can see it? I feel like I must not be the only one who could make use of a term like this!