rubs my dirty little osmt hands all over su



Remember when people were bothered by transgendered/unisex bathrooms?

Well it bothered me that people didn’t take in to account about how conflicted a transgendered person felt about going into thee “wrong” bathroom.

Anyway, here’s The Classroom Gems’ new student: (Trans) Smoky including their new friend (Trans) Stevonnie ❤

no matter how  much I tried, Smoky still looks like amethyst – prolly gonna change amethysts design a lil


Atomatsu implies Chibita doesn’t get much business which is mmmm fucking tragic. but also like got me thinking, he’s gotta be working a part time job or something to keep that apartment. it might explain his weird obsession with perfecting his oden if his dream job hasn’t really set sail yet.

I’m mean san chibita’s oden obsession is alot more intense than his kid self was (Where he was kinda on scooby snack level with the stuff, you could bribe him with it but it wasn’t the entirety of his character) to the point where he’s kinda one sided and I usually see it as a degeneration of his character but I COULD in this kinda context see it as him having something to prove to himself and being really overworked.

heck, i could explain away alot of the stuff that bothers me about chibita’s characterization in san with that reasoning.

Chibita doesn’t interact enough with the other characters (because he’s overworked, a very passionate dude incapable of setting limitations for himself and taking those much needed breaks to build social relationships.

while kun chibita is more of an extreme character, the kinda character who feels too much and is led by his emotions, san chibita is more muted (Bored looking) most of the time with random spurts of really erratic reckless behavior (if i assume he has a day job, while oden carts are mostly active at night he’s probably not getting enough sleep)

i mean maybe chibita needs help??



The Italian dub for “Its Over Isn’t It” is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard, the voice is amazing and the lyrics are beyond beautiful! I dare to say that the lyrics are even better than the original ones. Do yourselves a favor and watch it, click CC on the video to see the English translation