here are some tiny doodles i drew for,, decorative images for a project!!

they’re transparent btw!!!


inktober day 20- MY KARAMATSU BOYS…..
tabimatsu is a blessing bc it allows all of them to wear leather jackets….. i’m cr ying

inktober day 15!!! 3 days late but !! i finished this!!!
the 15th was national sweetest day!!!!! and I LOVE MY BROTHERS!!!!

inktober day 12- these two smoking

ok mini psa first: DON’T SMOKE…..
now that that’s out the way, i!!! have a oso memory from my canon!! and it’s that me and oso would sneak up to the roof, light some cigarettes, and just vent to each other…..
we stopped for a few weeks bc choro caught us once though….