here are some tiny doodles i drew for,, decorative images for a project!!

they’re transparent btw!!!


a small fanart from the most recent chapter of toxic masculinity by @umimatsu-san!!! i really wanted to draw karako with the outfit she wore to the dinner minus the scarf but also wanted to draw some backgrounds !! and i went a lil overboard

Do you have a gemsona? :0c

sort of??

i made 2 gemsonas a few years ago, so technically??

i have been meaning to redo their design and stuff but eeeehhhh

old stuff under cut

alright so the first one i made was a gem based off smoky quartz

MIND YOU…….. this was made at least 2-ish years ago


i did the most minimum amount of research both for the gem and information to try and find my gems into the su universe

the second one:


i was hesitant with pyrope since pyrope and ruby are fairly similar (and for some reason i guess i made the personalities?? similar

and ofc when you have at least +2 gemsonas, you gotta fuse them


i never….. even drew the full body of the fusion………

OH YEAH i also had a traditional redraw of pyrope and smoky quartz, but hey, i cant find it in the piles of old art i have

i’ll reblog the redraw to this post if i do find it however, so uh??? keep your eyes peeled out for iit?? i guess