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Hey everyone. My disabled roommate tried to hold down a job but cannot due to nerve damage. We’re waiting on disability for her, and I work full time to try to make bills, despite my own disabilities. Right now I have an empty fridge, empty freezer, and 3 things left in my cupboard, as well as no money to get transportation to and from my job. $60 gets me a one month bus pass.
If you have any money to spare, please send it to us on PayPal at if you can. Reblogs help too. Thank you everyone.

I spent the entire day in the ER with my roommate and she needs food that she can eat without preparing while I am at work this week because she cannot stand for anything other than going to the bathroom. Please help us if you can.


hi hey hello this post has been made before but please try not to make fun of people for their autistic traits such as


• telling the same joke/ wanting to have the same conversation over and over again

• not having much coordination and having a tough time doing “easy” things like tying shoelaces

• having trouble understanding what you mean and needing lots of clarification

• needing things to be broken down into little steps

• having extremely high or extremely low empathy

• getting very attached to things like inanimate objects

there are a lot more but these are just ones i haven’t seen mentioned before!! feel free to add on if u think of anything else