Karamatsu Girls (and Boys)! We all need touch-ups throughout the day. And while we may not be as vain as our resident reflection-obsessed brother (or are we?), making sure your hair isn’t doing something crazy or that you have nothing stuck in your teeth is important. These little pocket mirrors hide away great in pockets and purses for those impromptu little check-ups that you’ll want throughout the day.

In celebration of putting these up on my Etsy, I’m doing a giveaway for 3 winners! Each winner will be able to choose their preferred photo and border color. See the product page for more details! 

How to enter:
1. Follow me. I post Osomatsu-san 90% of the time. I feel like we’ll get along.
2. Reblog and/or like this post (max 2 entries).
3. USA only. Sorry, past giveaways have resulted in lost mail when going overseas. If you’re overseas and really want one, you can buy through Etsy since they protect both of us!

And that’s all! Disclaimer: this is entirely fanmade merchandise and not in any way official. Any questions? Feel free to ask! The winners will be announced December 28.

(PS, don’t want to wait? Use code tuneout on my Etsy for 15% off your order and get it in time for Christmas!)


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