i’ve recently gotten a new tablet but because my current tablet is perfectly fine and currently unusable, i’ve decided to GIVE IT AWAY!! back to school and all that! yeah!

you will receive one (1) wacom bamboo fun tablet! which is actually a discontinued brand of tablet (i’ve had it a really long time guys) BUT the wacom software can be downloaded onto any computer (it works with my current windows 10!) and works with any wacom tablet!


  • you don’t need to follow me but hey, i’m cool and maybe you’ll get somethin extra who knows!
  • try to keep it fair, but you can reblog and like as many times as you like!
  • you need to be alright with sending me your address
  • i’m happy to send it anywhere in the world, but if it’s ridiculously expensive, i might need a bit of help sending it to you!

the end of this giveaway will be 31st OCTOBER! cus i love halloween!

ALRIGHT! have fun, good luck, and send any questions if you have them!


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